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Customer Review of the 1910 Classic Fight Gloves
1910 Classic Fight Gloves
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A face slap to all great boxers.

Watch the Everlast video about these gloves on their website and you will hear the carnival-huckster, promo-guy say, "Our American-made fight glove is our 1910..." Well I didn't know that India became the 51st State, because tucked up very high inside the collars of these gloves is the tiny "Made in India" label. Everlast is all about gimmicks to justify their outrageous prices. These gloves have their C3 foam, which is used extensively in the less expensive Protex 2 gloves. Why didn't they at least use the better C4 foam in this glove? Especially since they are asking top dollar for these like their gimmick Protex 3 fight gloves that does have C4 foam. The "Choice of Champions" label is a poor grainy stamp that further adds insult to a real nostalgia-appeal gimmick. The leather on these is pale in comparison to their excellent MX fight gloves, which is butter soft and luxurious. The stiff foam of this glove allows a natural fist, but you cannot raise your fingers to catch punches in the cupped hand position. These are not fight night gloves and are a disgrace to all historic boxers who wore the genuine American made gloves that Everlast used to make. Now profit and gimmicks rule the Everlast philosophy, as Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, etc. roll in their graves.   
by: Ray-bid
6/16/2010 10:24:00 PM
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thier are Huge
by: Richard   
6/26/2011 2:34:58 PM
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