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Customer Question of the 70lb. Leather Punching Bag
70lb. Leather Punching Bag
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What do i fill a 70lb leather...

what do i fill a 70lb leather punching bag with  
by: Skeeter
1/18/2010 11:37:14 AM
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This bag is actually filled, but if you did get an unfilled bag here's what to do:
Put some sand (25lb should be enough) in a heavy duty garbage bag and put at the bottom of the bag, this will keep the bag still. Then pack the rest with a soft stuffing. This can be old clothing, rags, shredded newspaper, pillow stuffing - you get the idea. If you can get some carpet padding line the bag with it before putting in the stuffing. This will give the bag a more uniform look and feel. Make sure to pack the stuffing down tightly.
by: abletable   
1/19/2010 9:44:51 AM
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