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Customer Review of the Basix Adult Compression Shorts
Basix Adult Compression Shorts
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Having played football in school and mountain biking as a hobby, I have grown fond of compression shorts for many reasons. They keep your muscles in place during all sorts of rigorous and repetitive actions to increase performance and protect sensitive nerves (great at keeping that sciatic nerve from pinching).
These shorts go a step further -- they combine compression shorts with jockstrap/cup. The X system provides *comfortable* support and keeps everything in place.
The best thing about these shorts really is the comfort they provide. They do not limit movement, they wick away moisture, and are made of a highly breathable, strong, yet flexible and soft material.
You can't beat the combination of protection & comfort in this package. They are just as comfortable with the cup as they are without or without the cup, which by the way is worthy of a great review itself.
If you are in the market for a new cup, jock strap or pair of compression shorts, buy these. You get them all in one package, with cup usage optional based on use.
As a side note, I've used these while biking (due to forgetting to wash my biking shorts) and despite the lack of rear padding they were extremely comfortable and performance far exceeded my expectations.

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by: anonymous   
7/31/2007 11:20:09 PM
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