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Are these good shoes? They're pretty cheap so I don't know. Can I run with them becuase everyday I have to run around for warming up unless it rains?  
by: tito
3/3/2010 12:56:12 AM
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I would not do any significant amount of running in these. They are ring shoes with very thin soles with very little padding for shock absorbancy. They are good for what they are meant for though: boxing.
by: jeremiah     
3/3/2010 10:38:32 AM
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These are strictly for the gym. Running in these shoes outside will hurt your knees due to the lack of cushioning in the shoe. I own a pair of these for boxing and as a boxing shoe you will not find a better shoe for the price if your buying boxing shoes your best bet is to go with Adiddas. (they make the best boxing shoes).
by: jef   
3/4/2010 11:05:09 PM
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Agreed with the other answers - it might be best to buy a separate pair of running shoes.
by: TMArtist     
3/8/2010 1:51:45 PM
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