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Customer Question on Boxing Gloves
What do I need to use a heavy bag?

I get what "bag gloves" are, but do I need the wrap gloves underneath? And if I wear a size small, do I need say a size medium for the glove bags to fit over the wrap gloves? A little advice for a lady who knows nothing here, please?  
by: Nicolealyce
4/29/2010 5:18:57 PM
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Hi Nicole! the wraps underneath are a personal choice, but they do offer a nice layer of added protection. With the wraps on you don't have to worry about any abrasiveness from the gloves, and in addition wraps help keep your wrist aligned properly in order to avoid spraining and over-extension.

In regards to the sizing - you'll want to think about how much room you have left in your smalls. If there is a little bit of room you could get a shorter kind of wrap (like this - bx-ac-550) which doesn't take up much space and still be fine. If the gloves are pretty tight as-is, you may want to consider going up a size. If going up a size proves a bit too big, then you can just get longer wraps with more material.
by: TMArtist     
4/30/2010 2:30:01 PM
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