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Customer Question on Boxing Gloves
1st timer

My husband and I have never touched boxing gloves a day in our lives. We want to start in the right direction. So we have lot of questions.

1) What type of gloves do we use if one is the "boxer" and the other is hold the "pads"?

2) What type of "pads" should we use?

3) Can we both use the same gloves or do we need our own?  
by: daisymae
4/29/2011 2:49:15 PM
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Hi Daisymae. Thanks for coming to us! Let's get you started in the right direction:

1. You'll want "bag" or "Training" gloves. Since those kinds of drills aren't intended as sparring, you'll be better off with the bag variety. I recommend something like this: bx-gl-216, bx-bg-101. Remember, the higher the ounce (oz) the more padding you get but the heavier the glove feels on your hand. Sizewise those are both considered 'regular'. If you believe you have small hands, consider these: bx-gl-217.

2. For the pads, I recommend punching mitts like this: bx-tr-204. They are reasonably priced, have a bigger striking surface, and are one-size-fits-all.

3. You could both use the same gloves if you wanted to. Size might be an issue if you have smaller hands, so you could opt to get smaller gloves as suggested above. Also, your hands definitely get sweaty in there so you may feel more comfortable in separate pairs of gloves. If you choose to wear handwraps (bx-ac-550) some of that sweat impact will be reduced.
by: TMArtist     
5/2/2011 11:00:28 AM
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