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Hi. My 8 going on 9 year old just started boxing and I know nothing about the sport other than what I have seen on TV. He had the opportunity to spar for the first time and used the gyms head gear. While it looked like good protection (real thick USA boxing approved)it was very loose and when he would really get going it would slip off his head (not totally) or turn, so he had to stop.I could tell he was excited to be there but frustrated with the head gear.Could you please tell me a few top choices for his level???

Thank you.  
by: DLS70
2/11/2011 12:24:43 PM
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Hi DLS. Size is the real factor here, so I would first consider this headgear: bx-hd-30 which is specifically suited for children.

After that you could consider the 'small' size on this page, as well as these two pages: bx-hd-409, bx-hd-418.
by: TMArtist     
2/16/2011 4:00:27 PM
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