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Customer Question of the Cardio Training Bag
Cardio Training Bag
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Father's Day Gift

Hi there. I'm curious about purchasing this for my dad for father's day.

How durable is the punching bag and would you recommend it for first time users?

Also is there a warranty on your products?  
by: Kristin Leigh
6/11/2011 10:55:29 PM
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Hi Kristin. This bag is really good for cardio-type workouts, however it does not provide the same resistance as a normal hanging heavy bag. You can't really sink your weight into it as much. Durability-wise it's fine, and it's good for first time users.

We have a very accommodating return policy which you can view here -

If you'd like to order for father's day I recommend not waiting much longer. Ordering today would be advisable.
by: TMArtist     
6/14/2011 10:40:19 AM
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