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Deluxe MiM-Foam Sparring Gloves (with Safety Strap)
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5 stars
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The perfect combination of comfort and protection

I have these gloves in 18 oz size. Used for bag work. The leather on these gloves feels great, it's super soft. The foam IMF tech foam so its a little on the heavier size. The best part of these gloves is the double safety strap. The smaller strap feels good but the big strap going over it really seals the deal as far as wrist support. The inside is pretty comfortable and these gloves stay fairly dry. I don't find the need for tape with these gloves. I used regular mexican handwraps and I'm good to go.

Overall, these gloves are great and after some getting used to you can put them on yourself with eas.  
by: tim
10/7/2012 9:47:39 PM
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