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I am a 44 year old former high school and collegiate wrestler. I purchased 2 of these sauna suits from Dick's Sporting Goods. My intent was to take off a few unwanted pounds. My workouts consisted of 3 miles of running each day, weight lifting (no squats,no deadlifts), and sit ups. Don't get me wrong. The suits are as advertised--you will sweat off the pounds. What you won't do is sweat off the pounds for very long because after 2-3 weeks the arm seams and crotch seams will split--guaranteed. This is not unique for this particular product because two other brands did the same thing. If your intent is to lose your weight quickly i.e. 1-2 weeks, then this product might hold up. Otherwise save your money. These suits are fragile, trust me. Anyone who suggests otherwise is sleeping in them not exercising.  
by: Ken Farber   
5/24/2008 5:15:33 PM
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