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Customer Review of the Elite Molded Foam Bag Gloves
Elite Molded Foam Bag Gloves
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4.5 stars
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Not Perfect, but still quite good

These are really nice gloves that I've owned for about six months. Once broken in they have become some of my favorite gloves, but there are some things worth noting:

a) the gloves look sharp, but the black paint towards the cuff started to chip almost as soon as I started using them. In addition, the red sections have bled into the white in spots. Not a big deal, but worth noting.

Tight Thumbs:
b) another reviewer noted that the thumbs are tight and I agree that was the case initially. I ended up wedging some rolled up hand wraps into them while not in use to stretch them out. Once they were sufficiently stretched there was no longer an issue. This is quite normal for me so I can't really ding Lonsdale for that. I've had to do the same for Adidas gloves in the past.

Large Wrists:
c) I purchased the large pair because I have fairly big hands. The pocket is definitely roomy enough but the catch is getting your hands in them. The cuff is really narrow and some may even need to cut the interior elastic strip in order to make inserting your hands easier.

Large Forearms:
d) The elastic closure is nice, but with big forearms you may get abrasions from the Velcro. Pulling the straps tighter is an option, but then it becomes a circulation issue. I found that wrapping my hands a little higher up my arm is the best option.   
by: bgrieb
12/20/2010 10:18:41 AM
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