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Customer Review of the Everlast Free Standing Heavy Bag
Everlast Free Standing Heavy Bag
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Once assembled it is a good product. Assembly will try the patience of the Saints. With 3 of us, all adults, trying we were never able to assemble as directed. The 1st thin piece of foam was too big around if you taped the seam flat. The 2nd piece wouldn't go in with the 1st piece in place. After 30 minutes of frustration we put the 2nd piece (the solid round piece) in first then cut the tape from the 1st piece and put it in against the round piece leaving about 4''-6'' of foam extending out of the opening. We then put in the 3rd piece and after warming the bag in front of the fireplace managed to stretch it out until the ends butted against each other as they were supposed to. The 4th piece, funny shaped, went in relatively easy compared to the others. We then folded over the piece of foam that was extending from the end and zipped it close, pushed the sleeve inside and inserted it over the pole. I definitely recommend warming the bag before you start. Good Luck, I was ready to box it up and send it back to the store before rearranging the instructions a little. And yes, I did read them!   
by: PJ   
12/25/2007 4:24:55 PM
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