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Customer Review of the Everlast Free Standing Heavy Bag
Everlast Free Standing Heavy Bag
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Update on Assembly

I couldn't stand looking at it so I took it apart and started from scratch. Here's the secret--you leave 6-8 inches of the inner thin foam sticking out of the bag when you start to insert the big piece of solid foam that ends up being the top. That way when you have to shove the solid foam in, it pulls the 6-8 inches of the thin foam with it leaving you with a perfect assembly. Somebody should have put that in the instructions. Somebody also should have mentioned there are tabs you have to line up on the first collar you screw down which are probably obvious, but I missed it first time around. You can't hit this like you would a heavy bag and if you put it together yourself, you should know that. It's a good workout, but not for working on your power punch.  
by: Don
7/24/2008 7:00:17 PM
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thanks for your info. if you can't fill it yourself so that you can hit the bag with your all how then do you get it filled? do you use a hose to fill it? it sounded pretty difficult to get it filled corretly. i was planning on getting it for my husband for his birthday which is next month. any advice would be helpful. would a hanging one in the garage be better? we live in houston so not sure now much heat punching/kicking in the garage (even with door open) will be tolerable with heat. thanks again for your help.
by: doglover   
4/19/2010 6:16:52 PM
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