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Customer Question of the Everlast Omni Strike Heavy Bag
Everlast Omni Strike Heavy Bag
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Ceiling Mount


I would like to get this Everlast Omni Strike Heavy Bag. But May i know if the ceiling mount etc whatever that is needed is included or do i have to purchase separately?
How long would it take to arrive in Singapore roughly?

Thanks a lot!

by: H
11/13/2013 9:01:31 PM
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Hi H. Unfortunately I think you may run into a weight restriction for shipping to Singapore. You'll know for sure if you add the item and get a notice when attempting to add the shipping option.

That being said, this bag comes with the bag itself and a chain. It does not have a ceiling mount included.
by: TMArtist     
11/15/2013 11:28:46 AM
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