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Customer Review of the Extra Soft Boxing Gloves
Extra Soft Boxing Gloves
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3.5 stars
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great for average joes

I think these are nice gloves. when you consider that they can be delivered to your door for 22.00, they are real nice gloves. I have about 1 yr boxing/american style kick boxing experience and for my level they work fine. They are well padded and soften up the more you break them in. I am hardly the most athletically gifted fighter so I tend to use my gloves a lot for defense, and these work wonders for blocking kicks and punches----due to the padding and sheer size of the glove. Maybe a more experienced or talented fighter might want something different, but they will suit a weekend warrior just fine. at this price you can afford to pick them up as back up gloves and/or for that friend who wants you to teach them boxing/kickboxing.  
by: juststeven
11/15/2010 11:23:33 AM
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