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Customer Review of the Extra Soft Boxing Gloves
Extra Soft Boxing Gloves
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Excellent considering the price

I bought these gloves in the 16 oz. size about 3 months ago and am very pleased w/ them so far, mostly due to the low price and what I use them for. I only get to spar two or three times a month for karate/kickboxing. The gloves are extremely soft and I don't worry at all about injuring my sparring partner w/ them. I don't think I'd find a better sparring glove for this price.

That being said, the big drawback for me is how huge/stocky the gloves are; I usually keep both hands up in my normal stance, but keeping up the big bulk of the gloves leaves my body open no matter how hard I try to keep the elbows in. I've started to learn to use the shell-style stance in order to make them work out for me during sparring, so in essence, I've had to change up my style in order to adapt to the gloves. Whatever -- it works for me, I don't mind it, and I didn't break my pockets on something else. However, for someone more serious about boxing/mma/fighting, these gloves might be problematic for the reason I just described.

When these eventually fall apart me, I'll spend more on a better pair. The point is that for my purposes, I'm really happy with these gloves.   
by: Adamo
12/29/2010 9:39:34 PM
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