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torn suits

I went to sports authority for a sauna suit. The first one i got ripped not even a 1/4 mile into my run. I brought it back and exchaned it for a larger size. I didn't even make it a tenth of a mile and it ripped to. I'm looking for a sauna suit that i can run and do wind sprints in as well as eventually spar in. My waist is a 34 and i'm 5'6" in height i'm not sure about my chest. is this the suit for me?  
by: Mattew
9/28/2013 7:45:20 PM
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Hi Matt. When it comes to durability I think you should consider a suit like this: ae-ss-2002. It hugs the body and won't get ripped and torn during high intensity activity.
by: TMArtist     
9/30/2013 12:42:52 PM
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Hey Mattew, did you order this suit? If so, how is it holding up?
by: tessbono1   
12/31/2013 1:11:05 AM
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