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Customer Review of the Gel Nano Convertible Mouthguard
Gel Nano Convertible Mouthguard
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5 stars
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Extra Little Bit of Protection

Don't buy a cheap plastic mouth guard. They don't stay in your mouth when you get hit.
This mouthguard molds extremely well, it sticks to my upper teeth when I open my mouth, I need to pull on it to get it off. That's the way it should be, otherwise when you get hit, it will go flying, leaving you with no protection for the next hit. It's also easy to mold.
I can say the same about my previous mouthguard, the Gel Max, also by Shock Doctor. I like the powergel DNA better because it has a little piece of plastic that extends down over the front teeth. I feel like that provides protection from strikes to the mouth for my lower front teeth.   
by: Aaron   
12/24/2009 9:21:43 AM
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Get a double mouth guard if you really want to protect your teeth. The singles are more to protect from concussions.
by: goingpro   
12/24/2009 10:47:21 AM
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