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Customer Review of the Gel Super Bag Gloves
Gel Super Bag Gloves
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Good Buy if you get a Good Looking Pair

I ordered these gloves for mainly Heavy Bag and mitt training. I chose the 16 oz. Once they arrived i was very excited only to be then disappointed. The right hand glove had discoloration and what looked like scuffs already on the leather. Kind of a let down when your expecting something brand spanking new. I figured they will get more scuffs as time goes on so I didnt make a big deal about and kept them.

All in all they are a very snug fit. The padding is very firm and hitting the heavy bag is childs play. No pain in my hands or wrists. The mesh helps with cooling and the wrist support is fantastic.  
by: taskmaster.31
9/24/2012 5:44:34 PM
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