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Customer Review of the Gel-Foam Bag Gloves
Gel-Foam Bag Gloves
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4 stars
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I really like these gloves

I'm a guy who likes to hit the heavy bag a couple times every day for a total of about 30 - 40 minutes. And I love these gloves.

They breathe well enough, the stitching seems tough, and I can put them on by myself without having a lace issue. They are affordable without being cheap. In fact, they are pretty tough gloves. After about 40 hours of bag work, they look like they did when they arrived. The wrist support seems adequate, but I wrap a bit more up the arm anyway.

It took some getting used to in transitioning from MMA style gloves - the way I wrapped my hands to fit inside the glove had to change, especially around the palm and thumb to create the correct fist. Also, the deadened feeling of impact with each blow was also a change - normal for padded boxing gloves when compared to thinner MMA gloves.

Once broken in, this glove is exactly what I was looking for in a daily bag glove that I beat up a bit. Good looking glove as well.  
by: MattM
9/2/2011 9:52:54 PM
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