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Heavy Bag Kit - Special Edition
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I am looking for a weight bag, for my husband who is 350+ 6"2' and for me 250+ and 5"7'. Both of us need to lose weight and need a way to get rid of some stress and frustation that we have with our jobs and life in general. Does anyone have any suggestions for me on what size of bag and gloves? That would be most helpful  
by: Panda
7/26/2011 4:26:09 PM
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Hey Panda. For you, a 60-70lb bag would be just fine. It would provide resistance without being immovable. Your husband might need 80-90lbs.

70-80lbs would be your compromise zone.

As for gloves, you should get a regular size while your husband should get a large size.
by: TMArtist     
7/27/2011 1:56:26 PM
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