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Heavy Bag Kit - Special Edition
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my son is 17.he's 6ft.he weighs 180lbs. muscular-what kind of punching bag should i get him.the type,wieght size etc....  
by: bee
3/27/2011 9:00:53 PM
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Hi Bee. If I were to assume he has little (or no) boxing experience I would recommend a 70 or 80lb bag. If he does have experience, you could go up to 90 or 100.

If he is a boxing fan, a regular size bag (like the one on this page) would be fine. If he wants to kick as well you might consider a muay thai striking bag, which is longer: bx-hv-41.

Canvas or polycanvas exterior is cheaper than traditional leather, so if you are on a budget you could go that way. Leather is easier on bare knuckles though, so assess if he intends to use gloves.
by: TMArtist     
3/29/2011 10:49:32 AM
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