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Heavy bag weight limit

Can any of the heavy bag stands handle a 200 pound heavy bag?  
by: Nelson   
5/24/2015 12:25:24 PM
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Hi Nelson. None of our freestanding heavy bag stands can handle that much weight. You might have to consider a unit like this -
by: TMArtist     
5/26/2015 1:05:51 PM
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Height challenge

I just got a 70lb bag as a gift and want to use it in my garage. I am 5'2" and 130 lbs. My problem is I can not mount it on the ceiling since it is flat & dry walled and have very limited wall space as well. I would like to get a stand but my ceiling clearance is only 6.5 ft high, it seems most stands are around 7 ft or taller. Are there any stands under 7 feet or other suggestions to hang my bag? I really want to start punching it!  
by: Ben   
12/10/2012 4:05:23 PM
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Hi Ben. I think I have a solution for you. Check out this slip-n-move wall mounted hanger: bx-hv-2101. This hanger attaches to your walls instead of your ceiling, allowing you to secure it at any height you want. You can drill into woode beams in your garage your cement blocks (as long as you have the right tools). You could even secure some 2x4s to the wall and secure the hanger to that.

Hope this helps you get to punching!
by: TMArtist     
12/12/2012 1:46:31 PM
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height considerations

My son is 5'10". Are there any heavy bag stands that would be best for his height?   
by: Maggie   
12/7/2012 6:50:53 PM
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Hi Maggie. Luckily your son is right in the sweet spot of normal height. I believe any of the heavy bag stands would work without a problem -
by: TMArtist     
12/10/2012 1:34:12 PM
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muay thai

what is the best bag for muay thai training for 5 foot female 125 lbs?  
by: jessie   
10/28/2010 9:54:37 AM
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Hi Jessie. I feel like this is an excellent Muay Thai bag that mixes resistant weight with comfortable soft fill - bx-hv-505
by: TMArtist     
10/29/2010 11:14:14 AM
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dimensions of the Everlast 3 arm Power station

What are the dimensions of the Everlast 3 arm power station?  
by: Tiger1   
10/24/2010 8:48:50 PM
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The dimensions are appx 57" ccross x 52" wide x 7' high
by: TMArtist     
10/25/2010 1:10:17 PM
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Stand Dimensions

What are the dimensions of the stand??  
by: Paul   
10/17/2010 6:19:31 AM
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Hi Paul - could you point me to the stand you are referring to?
by: TMArtist     
10/18/2010 1:36:52 PM
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What weight heavy bag?

What weight heavy bag would you recommend for a man 5'10" , 200 lbs. who has not previously used a heavy bag and has no experience boxing?  
by: TJ   
8/22/2010 3:53:10 PM
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I think about 80lbs would be good for you: bx-hv-162. It should provide some solid resistance you can sink your weight into without being too overbearing. I would also recommend getting some bag gloves with good padding to protect your hands and wrists since you mentioned you don't have any boxing experience. (something like these would do: bx-gl-85)
by: TMArtist     
8/23/2010 3:10:05 PM
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speed bag

how bad is the vibration on the speed bag? most free stands dont handle the vibration and id like to have a good rebound.  
by: boxer1234   
5/8/2010 9:22:54 PM
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Place a sandbag or something similar on top of the speed bag platform, and it will significantly help vibration and rebound.
by: jeremiah     
5/10/2010 11:46:27 AM
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Do you need to screw the stand to the floor? Or how does it manage to stand with a heavy bag?  
by: Janet   
5/4/2010 6:36:17 PM
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There are posts (usually 3) that hold weight plates (the things you put on dumbbells). Use them to weigh the stand down.
Stands doesn't come with weights. Your best bet to buy them is a sporting goods or fitness equipment store, as they are expensive to ship.
by: Aaron   
5/4/2010 6:43:12 PM
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