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Hydro Strike Water Filled Punching Bag
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Hydro Water Bag

Hydro bag not worth the purchase/price. The bag has a thick foam pad inside and makes the bag to soft. The best bags to hit are the ones without the foam. The customer service had no idea what was in the bags or came with it. A total waste of money for me. The only thing good about it, was the speed in which it was delivered.

by: diggler
1/7/2010 3:33:34 PM
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ive used difrent types and I like the water blader the best by far not near the pain in the wrist and elbos ectr... have seen them leak after being stabed by some idiots but hitting well im 265 and not all fat lots of good old punch and no leaks from the bag here but used no others either soo..
by: doc   
11/28/2011 11:32:59 PM
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