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Customer Question of the IMF Tech Bag Gloves
IMF Tech Bag Gloves
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Couple questions:
I am about 6'2 230, what size should I get?

I am currently just working out in my basement hitting a heavy bag, are they good for that?

How easy are they to get on and off? I work out alone and need to be able to get them on and off by myself.

by: Dan
11/23/2010 2:59:18 PM
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I'd say get a large, especially since you want them to be easy on and off. The velcro style wrist is easy to fasten and can be removed via a gloved hand or your teeth.

Ultimately I would say that these gloves would fit your needs and your bag routines well.
by: TMArtist     
11/29/2010 4:02:27 PM
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