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poor quality of the everlast leather jump rope.

i recently bought an everlast jump rope and am not happy with the quality of it. the leather seems dried out and way too light for jumping at a medium to fast pace. I have owned an everlast rope for about 35 years and the quality has been outstanding, the weight of the leather is heavy and is not "dry" like the one i just purchased.
my question is this: are there different "qualities" of leather toat go into making these ropes? or has the quality just deminished that much over the years? i would love to hear your answer.
by: d
2/9/2010 5:07:46 PM
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Yes, there are different grades of leather used for making jump ropes. Some, like the old rope you own, are made with a supple, refined leather that enables it to be more free flowing out of the box. The rope you currently have will break-in over time and use and will become more pliable. However, to expedite the process, a leather conditioner, such as saddle soap, can be applied to the rope.
by: Aaron   
2/12/2010 11:54:20 AM
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Leather ropes are made with different qualitys. If you are looking for highest quality leather skipping ropes please visit
Laric-Sports produce professional quality skipping ropes.
by: Laric   
12/27/2012 4:21:55 AM
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