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Customer Question of the Kutting Weight Sauna Suit
 Kutting Weight Sauna Suit
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big boy sizes

im a rather large mamal. 360lbs. im a former semi pro hockey player trying to get back in shape so i can start training for martial arts agin in the fall and im having a hard time shdding weight due to lack of mobility. gut keeps getting in the way. i see that the sizes go rather high on this one which is awesome but im not sure im exactly a 5x kinda guy. could someone give me an idea about how large the plus sizes are?  
by: festor
6/16/2010 2:35:54 AM
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Hey Festor. If you can, grab a chest measurement for yourself and then consult the measurements chart at the bottom of this page. That should at least get you in the right ballpark.

If you still aren't sure after that follow up here and we can try to figure out some more clues that might get you the best size possible.
by: TMArtist     
6/16/2010 7:11:57 PM
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