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i'm a beginner and looking to get some heavy bag to mostly let stress out.
I'm 5'7" and about 175 lbs. - I do not have much space except for an outdoor patio (roofed).

which bag would you recommend? i would be needing a stand as well since i've heard that the floor bag stands tend to break. heard as well that some are easy on the hands.

thank you
by: frank
7/19/2011 12:09:48 PM
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Hey Frank. Getting a heavy bag is a great way to relieve stress. For your height and weight I would recommend a 70 or 80lb bag. Any more than that and you might end up injuring your joints. This one here is really nice: bx-hv-209.

As for a stand, this one is affordable and high quality: bx-ac-853. If you think your roof can handle the impact and jostling you could drill a mount right into it, like this one: bx-ac-24.

I'd also highly recommend you grab some gloves (your hands and wrists will thank you). Here is a nice inexpensive pair: bx-gl-40, and here is a cool high quality pair: bx-gl-228.
by: TMArtist     
7/20/2011 12:13:33 PM
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