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Customer Question of the Nevatear Heavy Bag
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Which bag?

I'm trying to decide between the (bx-hv-707) Special Edition 80lb bag or the 100lb Nevatear Heavy Bag on this page. I'm 18 years old, 6'4", 178 lb and I've practiced Taekwondo for 7 years. I'd like to get a heavy bag to practice kicking harder.
Should I go with the 100lb bx-hv-162 or the 80lb bx-hv-707?

Also why isn't bx-hv-41 sold anymore? Was the shipping and handling too high?

PS: How do I make the hyperlinks like yours TMArtist?  
by: Jesse
4/6/2012 6:09:53 AM
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Hi Jesse. It sounds to me like you could hand either the 80 or 100, so I think you're main consideration will be mobility. The 80lb bag will give you good swing, so you'll get to work on footwork as well when training. The 100lb bag will be more solid for pure kicking power development. Your call!

as for bx-hv-41 - I believe we will be getting more of those in stock in the next month or two.

When it comes to linking, the trick is to surround your sku with this markup: [ sku ] xyz-xyz-21 [ /sku ], just without any spaces.
by: TMArtist     
4/6/2012 10:27:59 AM
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