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Customer Question of the Nevatear Heavy Bag
Nevatear Heavy Bag
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I'm thinking of buying this for my son, my question due to limited space can you hang this up in the garage? if so how do the holders work. Does it hang from the ceiling?   
by: Kelly
7/13/2012 2:00:53 PM
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Hi Kelly. Quick question - how old/big is your son? 100lb bags can be pretty hefty, so if he isn't used to it he might be better served with an 80lb bag.

In regards to hanging it - the bag comes with chains that allow it to hang from the ceiling. However, you'll need a 'mount' to actually hang it to. If your garage has wooden beams you'll want a mount like this: bx-ac-24. Otherwise you'll want to browse the other options here:
by: TMArtist     
7/16/2012 11:20:27 AM
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