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My girlfriend wants a punching bag and I'd like to get her one for Christmas, but I am clueless. She wants it for both stress relief and exercise. She is athletic and in great shape, but has never boxed before. Should I get her a standing bag? Or a hanging bag? What size?  
by: Tan
12/7/2012 11:59:40 AM
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Hi Tan. Sounds like a good gift idea. Here are some things to consider:

Hanging bags and standing bags both have pros and cons. Hanging bags require a specific location to attach it to your ceiling or the purchase of a hanging unit like these here: Hanging bags come with a wider range of weight options, of which the 60-80lb range would be appropriate for your girlfriend's needs. The hanging bag is more solid than a standing bag which means you can develop more striking power into it as well as develop footwork as it swings.

On the other hand, standing bags are extremely mobile and convenient, allowing you to train anywhere. The striking surface itself tends to be a little softer on the hands, making it easier on the knuckles and joints. It doesn't swing like a hanger, so footwork training is a little trickier. Standing bags don't really come in different sizes and weights so you don't have to worry about that.

Hope this helps!
by: TMArtist     
12/7/2012 12:12:13 PM
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