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I am wanting to order a bag for my children, husband, & myself. I would like a really good one, but cheap. Also, how do they need to be hung up? I am on my own right now with my husband going overseas & I would have to hang it myself, so I would need it to be farely easy. Any kind you would recommend?  
by: Jennifer
4/14/2010 3:13:30 PM
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Hi Jennifer. In regards to what kind of bag to get, the one on this page or a canvas alternative like this: bx-hv-160 might work for you. Canvas is a bit cheaper than leather, although a bit less durable. I would also recommend a lighter weighted bag (like 60 lbs) since you'll be having your kids hit it too.

In regards to hanging it up, the bag will come with a chain and swivel. So you'll need to find a reliable beam in your home or purchase a freestanding heavy bag stand like this: bx-hv-90. After screwing the swivel into your strong beam, have an assistant hold the bag up just high enough while you take the chain and hook it into the swivel.
by: TMArtist     
4/21/2010 2:05:06 PM
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