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Customer Question of the Nevatear Platinum Heavy Bag
Nevatear Platinum Heavy Bag
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Im 5foot 5 and weigh 120 and a girl. I was wondering which bag i should get, 60 or 80. Ive never used one before and think this would be a great way to get anger out and work out alittle. Im 17 and have a brother who is 8 and very athletic and might possible use it. He weighs about 80. Although hes light he does many sports like wrestling and football. Suggestions?   
by: Alex
12/28/2012 11:42:08 PM
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Hi Alex. This bag is a good choice for you and your brother. It is fairly inexpensive but is still very durable and usable. A 60lb bag would provide lots of bag swing for you, so you could practice footwork too. In addition, your little brother could use it more easily. The 80lb bag would be a little bigger and provide more resistance.

Whichever you pick, make sure to get a decent pair of bag gloves too!
by: TMArtist     
12/30/2012 7:05:00 PM
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