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Customer Review of the OmniStrike Board Shorts
OmniStrike Board Shorts
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A solid pair of shorts

Never having tried a pair of Everlast shorts before, I picked up the OmniStrike Board Shorts. They're a solid pair of shorts. Those familiar with other brands of shorts commonly used in MMA will notice that the material of these shorts is different than what you might be used to, but the shorts do allow for good flexibility and overall movement.

As I am not a fighter myself, I can't attest to how well they would stay in place and perform during a fight, but for what I put them through with some boxing training and light rolling for some no gi BJJ, they did great.

As far as looks go, the embroidery on the shorts is sharp and you don't have to worry about the logos rubbing off. For anyone that trains, even casually, they're definitely worth the price.   
by: Brian Furby
12/9/2010 9:46:08 AM
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