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My ten year old has requested a punching bag that is more serious than an air filled plastic one, so that he can let off steam. I have no background in boxing. Is it safe to get him gloves and a bag? What type would you reccommend? Is there a basic primer on just punching safely?  
by: noh
8/18/2010 9:28:48 AM
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Hi Noh. Since your son is still developing physically and his bones are still shaping it is important to take a little extra precaution with impact training. Because of that I recommend gloves like these: bx-gl-65 with good padding and secure wrist protection. With that he should be fine to do some bag hitting!

A good, affordable bag to start with is the Nevatear 60 pounder: bx-hv-162.

We don't have a basic primer on punching right now but are building out more and more resources as we go!
by: TMArtist     
8/18/2010 6:51:02 PM
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