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XO Cup Scores Points on Comfort

This cup is a locker-room essential and is comfortable enough even for non-contact sports. The gel edges are really soft and offer some comfort advantage over my Shock Doctor cup. Plus the XO is narrower and slightly pointed at the bottom, which means you can wear it a bit lower down without chafing. Its deep shape means everything is contained without any tightness or compression and, when worn with the excellent XO jock, it stays rigidly in place - which is vital - even after a long training session, though it could have more vent holes. Wear the right size of jock, though, otherwise the cup may not stay in position and you risk injury. Err on the smaller size if in doubt. For protection, I still like the Shock Doc cup with its triple shielding and better ventilation but the XO cup is a great idea for its superior gel edging.
Note that the jock pouch is cut to hold a cup and hence doesnt give the best support when worn alone. As a standby I wear a Shock Doctor bioflex jock, an excellent alternative that can be worn with or without a cup. Both cups are excellent quality, so it comes down to personal preference in the end.  
by: anonymous
4/14/2008 6:05:06 PM
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