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What is the difference between the regular and large?   
by: duffski
4/23/2010 11:40:33 AM
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The large gloves are simply meant for larger hands than the regular, but both the regular and large gloves will be the same weight (12 oz)
by: jeremiah     
4/27/2010 10:21:00 AM
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Hand compartment for regular and large are identical. But the large weighs 14 oz.
by: eishypalssang   
5/4/2010 10:18:27 AM
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Hi eishypalssang:

I spoke to Grant Boxing directly, see my post above. Now just because they said the compartment size is different in the reg and large, doesn't mean I am 100% confident it is true. Where did you get your information? Have you tried them both on or know someone who tried them both on??

by: Dan B.   
6/24/2010 12:35:38 PM
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