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my review of these gloves  
by: Alex
1/28/2010 4:25:51 PM
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It's obvoius this dude is not a fighter. I don't need to know how a glove looks, I need to know how it performs. Please get someone on here that knows what they are talking about.
by: BamBam   
1/6/2011 6:57:13 PM
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Bam Bam that dude is a golden gloves champion so do some research before running your mouth off. There are so many wanna be fighters out there wearing affliction and acting like they know about fighting and boxing equipment that has been tried and true, its pathetic. The dude on ratethisgear was boxing while you were pumping juice in your rear end and putting on fluffy muscle to look tough so you really wouldnt have to fight. Real fighters are humble and dont care if they look tough or not. That dude might not look tough and scary but he will piece up "bam bam" any day and ill put money on that. As far as the gloves I have a pair of the new style and i think they are great and fit great. I am hw but have small hands there is some extra room for wraps around the knuckle area for wraps but it is not to much. Its just enough in my opinion. I also have reyes training, lonsdale elite, and grant campeon training for training and the grant pro training is my fav. Reyes is close second though. I do know though these are from grant which is really ringside and they are the same, they are not a knock off.
by: RThrasher   
4/7/2011 4:11:26 PM
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They should bring the old style grants with all black and no logo - just the "Grant" symbol on the outside.

I also heard you can get these gloves by calling up grant themselves with orthopedic foam like the ones FMJ uses for training. Be prepared to shell out $500 tho.
by: Don Flamenco   
4/9/2011 3:43:57 AM
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So last friday i ordered the 16oz white glove, I called instead of ordering online. The person i talked to thursday told me to call before 2pm on friday with funds in order and it would be processed and snet out monday. At the time they only had 6 or 7 pair of that white, so i wanted to get a pair before they were out of stock. I called my bank on monday to find if the funds went through and they had not, so i called the depot and they still didnt process the order. So they said they would get it through. Well guess what they didnt i called again at the end of the day and it still wasnt done the person then said that it was processed for sure, and told me I would get a email with a shipping number. Guess what I didnt get the email. So now there is only 3 whites in stock and by the way things are going with these people they will be out of stock before they process my order. Ive seen other complaints but i didnt think nothing of it. I am constantly getting new boxing gear and have done alot of business with Title and Ringside and everything always went smooth. Ive never dealt with a company that didnt want to take my money. This is very irratating please boxing depot respond with a explanation and with my order processed and on its way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: RThrasher   
4/11/2011 8:21:40 PM
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The review from alex is a older version of the pro trainer. The constuction of the glove now is alot different and it is hard to find a pair that is constucted right. If someone buys these pay close attention to the feel of the foam around the wrist. If you get a poorly constucted pair it will not feel like foam, it feels way different than anything I have ever felt in a glove. Ive gone through five pairs and only one I have kept. What I came to realize is that the pairs with a black liner are ALWAYS constucted with foam and wheigh what they are supposed to wheigh. The ones with the tan/white liner always wheigh point two over and are not constucted with foam around the wrist area. If it is foam its some really low quality stuff and its really lumpy. If you look closely to some of the pictures of the different colors you will see the lumps on the cuff section of the gloves. Also dont be fooled if your going to buy this glove get it here or ringside. Because if you go make a purhase from you'll spend way more money on glove that is all coming from the same place. The last thing Im going to say is that I have always loved Grant boxing and I cant believe "Elvis" (owner of Grant) has let his products come to this. It sickens me. One more thing the cuff is now way more protected than the pair Alex is reviewing. Actually it can be a little to padded. I wish he would review a new pair. That pair is actually constucted totally different, they are not the same glove other than they share the same name. If you manage to get a good pair it is a very good glove but thats if you mange to get lucky. Good Luck!
by: RThrasher   
5/26/2011 1:16:19 PM
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To RThrasher..i cudnt agree more..i own a couple of pairs of grant 16oz pro training gloves..and i have found the pairs with the white inside have always felt lumpy in places..still great gloves but each pair is different, my most recent purchase was a pair of green 16oz pro gloves with the black material inside the glove and the difference is apparent as soon as your hand goes in the glove..they feel a tad lighter..u feel more protection with no lumps, a fantasic glove. In no way am i griefing ringside or boxingdepot because i assume thats how they come and ive always had fantastic service from both..however i do think that the retailers of these gloves should look into this seriously and give "ELVIS" a kick up the backside. Because of this irregularity with the grants im considering some winnings for my next gloves a big fan of ringside and of boxingdepot and of the grant brand, but i cant help but think their pulling a fast one with gloves that arent up to standard. Best wishes!
by: john birch   
6/2/2011 11:11:11 AM
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