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Customer Review of the Protex2 Training Gloves
Protex2 Training Gloves
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4.5 stars
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Doesnt last.

-Really soft, your sparring partner will thank you.
-Wrist support is good, not great.
-It wont smell if you take care of it right.
-It looks cool.

-After 4 months the Velcro strap would strip off when I'm hitting the heavy bag frequently. Got annoying and forced me to buy a different pair of gloves.
-Hard to dry inside. Does hold up a lot of sweat which is gross if training the next day.

I had these for about 4 months and went to the gym frequently. I'd recommend this to the people who occasionally go to the gym. Not if your training to be an Amateur Boxer.   
by: batuganjra
3/28/2011 11:02:28 AM
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