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Customer Question of the Protex2 Women's Pink Boxing Gloves
Protex2 Women's Pink Boxing Gloves
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Should i get them

i am a 15 year old girl and im am starting in on boxing. would these be good gloves for me to get for training. i keep hearing that you should get more padded ones so my hands to develop but i am done growing. any input would be much appreicated  
by: Jacklyn
8/4/2010 11:36:10 PM
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Hey Jacklyn. Since you're done growing you can decide which size is best for you (small/medium if you are under 5'6" or so, large/xl if you are over). The oz of the glove is something for you to consider as that dictates the amount of padding in the glove. Since you are a beginner boxer, I recommend a high level of padding (10oz or above).

These gloves on this page would be a fine choice.
by: TMArtist     
8/5/2010 2:10:31 PM
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