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Customer Question of the Protex2 Women's Pink Boxing Gloves
Protex2 Women's Pink Boxing Gloves
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Other colors

I am looking for a good pair of women's sparring gloves that come in other colors besides pink...I hate that color. Do you know where I can find these?  
by: dcasas
10/3/2010 1:33:43 PM
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Hi dcasas. Yea we've been hoping that Everlast would increase the color options on these gloves as well. They are excellent gloves but not every woman enjoys pink, like yourself.

As of right now the gloves that are explicitly for women are pink, but if you have small hands you can consider the junior sized gloves as well (like these: bx-gl-65).

Otherwise I suspect you'll have to shoot for standard sized gloves and perhaps use handwraps to occupy the extra space.
by: TMArtist     
10/4/2010 11:48:27 AM
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