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heavy bag for my basement

hey guys, great site!

i'm looking to buy a heavy bag for my new basement. i trained for several years at gleason's in brooklyn, had to give it up when my kids were born, now getting back into it. i am 6'0 and about 170lbs. i want to get a bag that feels the way they do at gleason's, as i'm planning to eventually return.

a few questions:

1. what weight should i get? i'm leaning towards 100lbs as i want plenty of resistance, but want the bag to move a bit as well.

2. the bag will hang from an i beam in my basement, which will be somewhere around 7.5' off the ground. will i have a problem getting the bag to fit/swing properly etc.?

3. what mechanism should i use to hang the bag for optimal use (as well as minimum noise as i have tenants living above the basement)?

4. what velcro gloves would you recommend? my old gloves from the gym are lace up, which will be challenging on my own in the basement...

thanks alot, i'm psyched to get back into it!!!  
by: scott
6/27/2011 2:58:02 PM
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Hi Scott. Hopefully I can help out a little bit. I don't know what the bags at gleasons feel or look like, so I'll just try to give my best recommendations:

1. 100lbs might be a little overkill. A bag that big could get rough on your joints, especially as you get older. I'd probably recommend 70-80 pounds instead. Here are two good ones to consider: bx-hv-368, bx-hv-850. That being said, if you really want a challenge go ahead with the 100.

2. If the bag feels low you can always latch it a few chain links higher.

3. I'd recommend the all-purpose bag holder because it contains a metallic interior with non-slip cloth exterior: tr-bg-839. Because of that, it tends to be quieter than most standard holders. Be sure to read the instructions when using this one - the bag hands on the nylon and not the metal strap buckles.

4. Here are a few good choices to check out. Don't forget to check the size of your old gloves. bx-gl-217, bx-gl-228, bx-bg-100.

Hope this helps!
by: TMArtist     
6/29/2011 12:00:52 PM
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