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Bags for Husband

I was wanting to get my husband a heavy bag and possibly a speed bag for Christmas. He's never really boxed before but has wanted to get into it for awhile now. We could hang/mount them in our basement.

My husband is 5'10 and 225 lbs. I was thinking about the #bx-hv-163 for the heavy bag. I'm on a bit of a budget and can't go much higher than $200 for the heavy bag. Any thoughts or recommendations?

Depending on the price of the heavy bag, I would like to also get him a speed bag. What recommendations do you have for that?

Also, what other equipment, such as mounting materials, would I need that don't come with the bags?  
by: Becca
12/5/2011 12:51:19 PM
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Hi Becca. Since your husband is just getting into boxing, I'd recommend this set here: bx-hv-707. That comes with high quality gloves and handwraps to keep him safe during extended training. The price is right too!

As for mounting, you'll want something like this: bx-ac-36 that can secure to a ceiling beam.
by: TMArtist     
12/7/2011 11:08:52 AM
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