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Customer Question on Punching Bags
Punching bag weight

Hi i am 19, 140lbs, slim, athletic but not very muscular. but i am looking to buy a punching bag to increase my hit strength on a heavy weight. I have never used a bag before. Would I start off lighter at a 60lb or 80lb and work up to a 150lb. Or just pick the weight i want to be able to hit and slowly hit it until it moves?  
by: chase
6/16/2013 8:08:46 PM
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Hi Chase. I don't think you'll ever need to go above 100lbs unless you do a lot more growing/body building. As for right now, I recommend grabbing an 80lb bag and working off of that. Don't forget handwraps and decent gloves.
by: TMArtist     
6/18/2013 11:27:34 AM
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