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hang a heavy bag with rubber tubing?

I mounted my heavy bag in my basement on a ceiling mount with spring and the vibrations/noise can be heard in the floor above.

I am considering using rubber tubing, like bicycle inner tubes, folded over a few times, threaded into a couple of eye lag bolts then hooking the bag onto the tubing. The idea is the rubber tubing will act like a suspension and help dissipate the shock.

Do you have any comments if this setup would work or suggest an alternative ceiling mount option?  
by: hammered
9/3/2013 2:49:07 AM
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Hmm, I can't weigh in on that particular setup, however if you try it please come back here and let us know the results! That kind of info could help future individuals with similar problems.
by: TMArtist     
9/3/2013 1:55:15 PM
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Picked up four 3/8" eye screws and a couple of carabiners, then went to my local bike shop and picked up four free 26" inner tubes from their junk pile.

Installed two of the eye screws into the openings made from the previous ceiling mount, cut the valve off an inner tube, threaded the inner tube into the eye bolt opening 3x (folding it) and then tied off the ends. Did the same with the other eye bolt, connected all the ends of the new inner tube suspension with one big carabiner and then hung my 85lb bag off of it with no issues. I swung the bag around and it was silent!

I decided to install a 3rd eye screw in an adjacent joist to take some of the load and be a failsafe in case one of the inner tubes decided to break. Installed an inner tube as described above, did some creative work to get all nine of the tube sections into the carabiner and hooked the bag back on. Having the third point really helped stabilize the bag movement and any twisting motion is quickly absorbed by the inner tubes segments.

Did a 30 minute bag session and the only sound that can be heard in the floor above is the impact of the gloves striking the bag. No rattles or vibrations were transmitted to the joists from the shock of the impact as the rubber inner tubes just soaked it all up! The only addition I can think of is to install a swivel to make the bag spin.

I've searched the internet and the there is very little information about doing such an install, so I hope others who need a quiet ceiling mount solution can benefit from this information. Total cost? $15.00!
by: hammered   
9/5/2013 4:47:49 AM
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