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Customer Question on Punching Bags

......................why do some information say that the HEAVY bag should be half your body weight.......I read many times that the bag should be exactly the same as your own weight..........then i read many times that a lot boxers have used 300 lb bags about 50- to about 150 pounds above there own weight . can somebody explain this please? how do u know what is best if your looking to develop a lot more power? thanx

by: TIKK
11/6/2013 6:58:40 PM
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Hi TIKK. A lot of that different advice hinges on the amount of experience the striker has and how much focus the striker wants on footwork vs punching power. A lighter bag is easier on the joints and swings more, allowing the fighter to move around and play with footwork. Very heavy bags are opposite, swinging just a little but letting the fighter strike at full tilt.

Using that information you can decide which weight might be good for you.
by: TMArtist     
11/8/2013 12:20:42 PM
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