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Customer Question on Punching Bags
boxing bag

i have jst started to play weight is 65kg...what kind of punching bag and what size of ounching bag should i buy??  
by: mohit
2/12/2014 11:48:17 AM
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Hi Mohit. Since you're just starting out I would recommend erring on the side of a lighter bag. Lighter bags tend to reduce risk of injury and are fun because you get to practice footwork as they swing.

That being said, I would recommend a 70 or 80lb bag for you. Two great bags to consider would be here: bx-hv-40 and here: [sku]bx-hv-160[sku].

Also don't forget you'll probably need a beam hanger to hang it up and a decent pair of gloves.
by: TMArtist     
2/12/2014 12:31:20 PM
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