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Customer Review of the R2C 180" Black Cotton Handwraps
R2C 180
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4 stars
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Pros and cons even out

Great material quality. Throughout the wrap and especially the hook and loop closure; among the nicest I've seen.

The thicker material of the wrap lends itself to 2 issues: First, they bunch and wrinkle a bit especially when running between your fingers down to your wrist. Second, the color (mine are black) bleeds for what seems like forever. I've washed mine several times now and they're still turning the water and anything in it grey. I've resorted to hand-washing for a while.

The color bleeding will end soon, I'm hoping after a while they wear in and wrinkle and bunch a bit less.

All-in-all a solid purchase. I've got 6 sets and I'll likely look for these next time I'm in the market.

- e  
by: ericpartee
4/15/2012 6:24:40 PM
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