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Safety Training Gloves - Hook and Loop
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Are these new? and more questions....

I haven't noticed these before. They look similar to a pair of Cleto Reyes or Fairtex Mexican Style Training/Bag Gloves.

There are so many gloves, it is confusing sometimes.

It seems most training gloves can be used for the bag. And even some sparring gloves, if dense enough, can become bag gloves instead.

How would these be categorized? If you were using the bag and mitts, would these be a better, or as good as the standard Ringside Super Bag Gloves?

These look to be leather, but don't say.  
by: Dan B.
10/19/2010 4:25:02 PM
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Hi Dan. We are constantly trying to improve our product selection so these might be new since the last time you checked in on us.

The defining lines between bag glove and boxing glove can be blurry sometimes, especially with "Training Gloves" like this pair.

These are comparable to the super bag gloves but I would say offer a bit better wrist protection. They are also leather construction. You also have more control over the ounce selection with these.
by: TMArtist     
10/21/2010 11:16:51 AM
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Thank you very much. You have answered my question. That's a great point about the weight. I prefer using 16 oz. bag gloves, and by buying 'Training' gloves, I can get that every time.

These gloves look really good, and I would definitely buy them as a gift for someone to use as bag and mitt gloves. They ,look really, really similar to my $110 Fairtex Heavy Hitter Training gloves, and that's a good thing!
by: Dan B.   
10/21/2010 1:40:08 PM
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