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women's size

Can a woman that is 125lbs and a handsize that measures 7" around the hand right below the knuckles use these bag gloves? if yes, what size? If not, what bag gloves can you recommend?   
by: Joe
6/3/2010 1:14:28 PM
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Hey Joe. I would say go with the mediums, but buy a pair of handwraps in addition. Junior size would likely be too small, but with medium and handwraps you can get a customized fit.

If the medium turns out to be too big, just let us know and we can conduct an exchange for you.
by: TMArtist     
6/7/2010 2:27:08 PM
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Thanks TM for your help!!
by: Joe   
6/8/2010 11:17:21 AM
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